Current Openings

Paramedic/Firefighter (Lateral and Entry Level) Closes 2/25/24

City Websites

For job openings for other departments and positions, please check the following city websites at:

Unpaid and volunteer positions may be available. Check our Reserve Program and Unpaid Internship Program page for more information. 

Email Notification

Each of the three cities has a job notification service for those who register their emails. When Firefighter/Paramedic jobs open we will announce the openings on Facebook and/or this website.

Career Information

What does it take to become a firefighter? The Firefighter Medic is a step by step approach to creating qualified firefighters. This site was created by a firefighter in San Diego County to help others achieve their dream of becoming a firefighter. 

Here is a helpful guide created especially for potential firefighters: Joining the Fire Service: A Guide to a Successful Career.